Diving base - Equipment

Our diving base is equipped with what you can expect from a professional mediterranean dive base. Training room with computers, TV and DVD for pleasant lessons, storage, laundry and drying room, hot and cold showers and WC are available.

Three large fresh water basins ensure that you can keep your equipment in order. Extra storage and filling space directly at our mooring pier will save you the eternal tugs.

A spacious terrace with seating and lounging possibilities to relax between the dives awaits you.

Our new comfortable dive van brings you comfortably from the airport and takes you to the country dive sites.


3 compressors: 1x IDE TSI 350 N Supersilent INOX® compressor and AIR SAVE® air monitoring unit, 1x IDE BlueClause 310® Custom compressor and 1x IDE TFI 110® compressor with 350, 310 liters / minute and 170 liters / minute filling capacity with active Prefilter IDE AIR SCRUBBER® system, 3 x 50Liter 330 bar storage bench, 175m INOX filling line directly to the boat dock with dehumidifier drying systems, bottle cooler as well as Nitrox EAN and Trimix mixing system. 200 and 300 bar filling capacity. In addition, we are the first Croatian dive center to have the new European AIR SAVE® certification – for
Finest diving air quality !


25 complete diving equipment, Beuchat, Aqualung, Cressi and Mares, special children’s equipment. Mares and Halcyon Tec-Riggs and Apeks-Tec controllers, dry cloths, Tec-equipment from Scubaforce and Apeks. UW – Scooter (DPV) from SUEX: In addition, Xdeep Sidemount equipment, SF2 rebreathers, Ocean Reef fullfacemasks, complete apnea equipment, dive computers, lamps and UW cameras. In addition, we always have test material from our manufacturers to try out for you.

Bottles / tanks

50 steel bottles with different volumes (5, 10, 12, 15 liters); Single and dual valves, DIN connector, argon bottles, rebreather refills, alloyed stage stages 40, 60 & 80 cuft, as well as sidemount setups and 12 l – double tanks for Tec divers.

Dive boats / Van

1 x speed boat for 8 divers
1 x speed boat for 12 divers
1 x day trip boat for 25 divers
1 x Dive- and Transfer-Van for 5 persons and gear