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CD2 ITC – Center Croatia

Instructors Open Water Scuba Instructor / CMAS TL*/TL**, TEC & Sidemount Instructor, Special Courses and Crossovers
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While many people are looking for a “real job”, the diving industry offers many opportunities to develop. The diving shops and diving bases at home as well as around the globe offer many attractive opportunities for qualified employees. The work can really be “fun” and therefore it is not considered as work by many. However, diving shops, diving schools and dive centers are constantly looking for well-trained and motivated staff – a fact that offers good career opportunities.

But remember: Only a professional and conscientiously trained diving instructor course will give you opportunities to do a good job after your education and for your entire career as a diving professional.

Registration is now possible!

TL – Preparation and qualification dates:

20.04-23.04 TL Preparation
24.04-27.04 TL Qualification

TL* und TL**
Tec Instructor
TL Crossover
Specialty Instructor

22.06.-26.06 TL Preparation
26.06-29.06 TL Qualification
TL* und TL**
Tec Instructor
TL Crossover

14.09-17.09 TL Preparation
17.09-21.09 TL Qualification
TL* und TL**
Tec Instructor
TL Crossover
Specialty Instructor

12.10 – 15.10 TL Preparation
16.10 – 19.10 Tl Qualification
TL* und TL**
Tec Instructor
TL Crossover
Specialty Instructor

Sidemount TL Seminare auf KRK, Submalin DC
1.) 14. – 17.04.
2.) 19. – 22.05.
3.) 06. – 09.10.

Qualification for the Open Water Scuba Instructor / CMAS TL *
In the OWSI / TL * qualification, you have to demonstrate your theoretical skills and pass a 40-question exam. Preparation-pool of questions is aviable at the course registration. The practical part is also not too short, so in the 5 days you have to perform at least 6 dives.

Seminar price: € 750

Duration: 5 days (6 dives)
Course size: max. 4 participants per trainer
Requirements: minimum age 18 years, min. Basic Instructor / TL Assi or equivalent, medical certificate
(Not older than 1 year), 120 dives on certification

Course location: Tauchturm Seiersberg Austria / Submalin Krk Croatia

The following fees are included in the price:
Theoretical and practical lessons
Bottle filling

The following costs are not included in the course:
Brevet Card incl. Registration: € 95, –
Annual contribution for diving instructors: € 184, –
Diving instructor’s stamp : € 24.90
We recommend the participation of the preparation week!
Preparation week:
The preparation week is for all those who are not dive instructors or assistants
Still do not have so much experience with teaching. But also instructors
Assistants and instructors get the final fine tune up in the
Qualification for their life as a dive instructor to do a good job.

Seminar price: € 750, –
If you participate in the preparation for OWSI / TL *, you will not only get more
Experience but also the acceptance rights for Apnoe TL *,
Orientation, group guidance, deep dives and CPR / O² worth 569, – € free of charge.

– TL documents – 89,-EUR
– TL Upgrade to AOWI – 569, -EUR
– TL crossover to IAC / CMAS – 389, -EUR
– Specialty price acceptance – from 149, -EUR
– Sidemount Instructor – 199, -EUR
– Croatian boat skipper licence (unlimited) – 269, -EUR

TEC Instructor Trainings from 399,- EUR, depending on previous knowledge