Poseidon Rebreather

Want to be a certified Poseidon Rebreather diver?

… then our Rebreather Event is just the thing for you!
Learn to handle with the Poseidon rebreathers Mk VI and Se7en and to dive ….
Prerequisite is AOWD or equivalent.

Rebreather User Course:
Level 1 – 20 m – 200 min. Watertime, 10 h Theorie
Prerequisite: OWD / Bronze, EAN 40%
750,- EUR

Level 2 – 40 m – 400 min. Water time, 10h Theorie
Prerequisite:: OWD / Bronze, EAN 40%, Low
950,- EUR

– Logistics
– materials
– Theory and Practice (German or English)

Do you just want to know how it is to dive without bubbles?
… then we will help you with your plans! You will realize that the underwater world is even more integrated, fish and creatures have no more fear in front of you – so close you have never seen it before …. :)
Prerequisite AOWD or equivalent.

Price :
Rebreather-Try Diving : 100,- EUR

– System (MK VI Discovery)
– Logistics
– Material
– theory supervision and practice (German or English)

For further information: CONTAKT

We are looking forward to diving with you without bubbling …. ;)