Dive sites

Kiac In

A breathtaking rock overhang up to 27 m with lots of shoals and crabs.

Kiac Out

Our terraced reef on the island’s outside – large fish richness on the island north side.

Rt Pelova

A dive site in any logbook should not be missing, here we also make the most beautiful night dives.

Rt Manganel

Here you will find a lot of cliffs that show up in the sandy bottom.

Sveti Fuska

Entry with small reef garden and nests of monks’ fish.


Deep wall skimmers at the lighthouse reef.

Wrack Kaliope

The largest Croatian wreck 125m – a capital freighter …

Wrack Lina

This is our “iron lady”. No holidays without a Lina dive! 27-52m and incredible visibility.

Wrack Guiseppe Dormio

Steel freight ship up to 56 m depth.

Wrack Kostrena

Wooden ship from 1866, easy to reach, 22-30 m deep.

Wrack Vis

Our absolute wreck highlight – for our Tekkies the dive destination No. 1 !!!


Spectacular huge deep wall up to 40 m and a hidden cave.

Ziva Grota / Big Cave

Cave with insane steep wall – cat shark alarm!


Steeply falling island bank into the sea, here one often meets the up to 60 cm large Palamidas …


Probably the most spectacular steep wall – with Purple Gorgonia Corals!


Here, too, our friends of the current diving at your expense. Palamida and tuna are also available here.


Color-fast and very fish-rich reef garden at the reef barrier.

Tri Punte

A place for ambitious – light games, caves and biodiversity – 40 m.

Rt Jablanac

For our depth and cave junkies – here there are always Conger-sightings and great reef colors.

Mali Bok

Beautiful steep wall with a huge historic anchor as a highlight.


The longest wall in the Kvarner Bay and playground of the big sea spiders.